New volume of SAAC – 16!

okladka16_poprawiona14.05A new volume of Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization (SAAC) is available now!

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The 15th volume of SAAC – specially dedicated to Prof. Janusz A. Ostrowski on his 70th Birthday

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The 14th volume of SAAC – specially dedicated to Prof. Joachim Śliwa on his 70th Birthday

okladka14 14th volume of SAAC is available !

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New SAAC 13

1313th volume of SAAC is available !

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SAAC Digital Archive


All archival volumes of SAAC publications are available on our website in digital form. In our archive you’ll find the every single article published in the journal between 1991 and 2007, placed as the high-resolution, searchable PDF files. Access to these publications in our Digital Archive does not require any special membership or account activation. We will add more our publications to the archive as well as the new volumes of SAAC.
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Latest SAAC – Volume 12


The next volume (12) of our SAAC series (Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization), which is edited since 1991 is available now. The publication is dedicated to art and culture of the ancient Mediterranean world.

List of the articles:

  • Professor Maria L. Bernhard (1908 – 1998)

  • Some Remarks on the Representation of so called Boat Procession from Wadi el-Barramiya

  • Gazelles and Ostriches from Tell el-Farkha

  • Dwarf Figurines from Tell el-Farkha

  • The Royal Figurine (?) from Tell el-Farkha

  • Wavy-Handled and Cylindrical Jars in the Nile Delta – a View from Tell el-Farkha

  • Hagar el-Beida 2. Saving Sudanese Antiquities

  • Some Remarks on the Origins and the History of the Gold Plaques from Amathus

  • Crux ansata. Remarks on the Meaning of the Symbol and its Use on Coptic Funerary Stelae

  • Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. New Edition of Polish Volumes 1931-1936

  • Ancient Sicily in the Eyes of Polish Travellers

  • The Tomb Pyramid of the von Eben und Brunnen Family in Roznow/Rosen near Kluczbork/Kreuzburg

  • „House in Colours of Pyramids…” Egyptian Revival Style in Polish Architecture: „The Egyptian House” in Krakow

  • Among the Monuments of the New Jewish Cemetery in Lodz References to Ancient Egypt and Near East