Procedure of evaluation


All submitted papers undergo a multi-stage assessment process. At the first stage, a contribution’s compliance with the editorial requirements is assessed by the Editor-in-Chief and the Secretary. Next, a preliminary evaluation of the paper is carried out by the Thematic Editor, i.a. in terms of its innovativeness. Accepted papers are then sent to two independent reviewers. None of them is employed by author’s / authors’ institutions and at least one is not employed by the Institute of Archaeology JU. The review will be made according to double-blind review process rule.

The “Reviewer Evaluation Questionnaire”, containing criteria of the evaluation.

Depending on the reviewers’ opinion, the paper is qualified for print, sent to the author for amendments, or rejected. Corrections by the Author / Authors are evaluated by the Thematic Editor and the Editor-in-Chief. If necessary, these corrections are consulted by the Reviewer / Reviewers. If the result is positive, the article will be prepared for printing. If not, the Author / Authors is / are asked to complete and/or precise the previous correction and the entire procedure is repeated. In the subsequent volume and onwards it is envisaged that the Authors should provide declaration in which they state that: a) until the date of submitting the article, it has not been disseminated in any form, b) it is an original work, and does not infringe personal and property copyrights of any other person, and c) his / her copyright is not limited.

The papers qualified for print undergo a comprehensive proof-reading procedure and necessary language corrections by a native speaker.